6 Reasons Your Business Recruits Like Shit

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Albert Einstein once (or twice) said something to the tune of: “The significant problems we have cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.”

And it’s ever so applicable with recruiting in 2017.

I’ll abstain from giving you my “State of The Union” on this topic, and get straight to the 6 reasons you probably recruit like shit:

1Attention Arbitrage

  1. You aren’t communicating on the right platforms with the right context. Content is king, but context is queen and the queen rules the house (right?!).
  2. Further, it’s a general rule in advertising that the % of your expenditures should match the % of where your audience(s) attention is (e.g., if your audience spends 90% of their time on Snapchat, so should your resources). And you’re not doing that, are you?
  3. Additionally, you aren’t communicating like your tribe does; your emails, job ads, and FB posts seem like a boring press release. Write like you (or they) talk.
  4. Remember and REALIZE, the TV is now the Radio, and your iPhone or Google Pixel is now the “TV”; and Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Periscope, are ABC, FOX, NBC, et. al. And it is your job (my job, actually) to figure out the types of “shows” (content) to have on those channels.

2. Negative Reviews/Haters/Naysayers

  1. Haters aren’t your problem; ignoring them is. The Direct Sales industry is one of the worst when it comes to storytelling and conveying their brand, and to further the problem, they allow the naysayers to tell the story for them and think ignoring it or “hiding” it with Band-Aid SEO tactics is going to solve the problem. Not going to happen. Show up to these conversations and respond to them ALL.

3. Storytelling; your brand isn’t relevant on Social

  1. Hackneyed, banal stories and a half-ass job on social gets you a whole bunch of nothing.

4. You’re focusing on widgets & tactics while neglecting religion & culture

  1. Every fast-growing social movement, non-profit, brand, series, etc. of the last decade has grown because people have chosen to talk & share with other people. Not SEO, shelving allowances, coupons, A/B testing, bots liking your Facebook posts, POP pieces, Super Bowl ads, or dancing tube men (if you saw that a couple years ago). Each can be a productive tool (except the bots), but at the heart of real growth is a simple idea: People decide to tell other people – and that’s a religion & culture thing.

5. You’re hunting, not farming

  1. What information can you tell me about the people you want to hire? If your answer is “recent college grads”, do not cross GO or collect $200.
  2. Map the people who succeed in your business, find like-minded tribes, build a robust CRM, and develop the people within your organization.

6. You are marketing & recruiting like it’s 1999.

  1. Wake up.

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